1. What is ilovegolf membership card?

    The ilovegolf is a membership card operated and owned by MST Golf Sdn. Bhd. With the ilovegolf card you will earn reward points on purchases made at any MST Golf outlets. Every Ringgit spent earns you 1 reward point.

  2. How do I sign up as ilovegolf member?

    You may sign-up at any of our MST Golf outlets. Just complete the application form and RM20 will be charged as 3 years membership fees.

  3. What can I redeem with the points earned?

    The points earned will be converted to RM50 Credit Voucher. For every accumulated 1,667 points you will get 1 x RM50 Credit Voucher, which is equivalent to 3% of the total points’ value. The cash voucher can be used to redeem products at all MST Golf outlets.

  4. How can I convert my points to RM50 Credit Voucher?

    You could redeem your RM50 Credit Voucher any time with the below 3 simple steps:

    Step 1   : Ensure that your membership is ‘ACTIVE’ and you have sufficient points (1,667 points = RM50 Credit   


    Step 2   : Check your preferred MST Golf outlet as you can only redeem your voucher at your preferred outlet.

    Step 3   : Visit the preferred outlet with your MyKad (for Malaysian) / Passport (for non-Malaysian) to redeem your



  5. Does the RM50 Credit Voucher has an expiry date?

    The RM50 will have a validity period of 6 months upon issuance date. This is to assist our customer in planning the usage of their RM50 Credit Voucher more effectively when shopping at MST GOLF.

  6. What if my RM50 Credit Voucher had expired?

    We are regret to inform that the expired voucher will not be acceptable at any MST GOLF retail outlets.

  7. How do I check my latest points balance?

    You can require from our personnel at any MST Golf outlets. Call up our Customer Service or check your balance points via on-line by login to our website at

  8. Can I redeem my RM50 Credit Voucher immediately after the purchase should I have enough point?

    Points for the current day purchases will only be updated and reflected in the next business day. Hence, redemption could only be carried out 1 day after the purchase.

  9. How do I know where is my preferred outlet?

    You can require from our personnel at any MST Golf outlets or call up our Customer Service.

  10. Can I change the preferred outlet selected earlier? How could I do it?

    Yes, you may change the preferred outlet as per your preference. Just visit any nearest MST Golf outlet or call up to Customer Service to state your request. However, it will take at least 2 working days for the process, and you may only redeem your voucher in the next 2 days at the selected preferred outlet.

  11. I had redeemed and lost my Credit Voucher. Can I get a replacement?

    No. Any lost voucher will not be replaced.

  12. I had applied my membership card, when can I expect to receive my membership card?

    Your membership card will reach you within 2 weeks from date joined. However, a temporary card will be issued to you on the spot for card applied at MST Golf outlets. The temporary card can be used immediately to earn points.

  13. How do I renew my membership?

    All expired membership card will be auto-renewed for 3 years through a deduction of 667 points (equivalent to RM20).

  14. What if there is less than 667 points in my ilovegolf account?

    Your ilovegolf membership shall remain expired if there is less than 667 points in your account. However, you may renew your membership with a fees of RM20 at any MST GOLF outlets.

  15. Could I choose to renew my membership card with a payment of RM20 instead of auto-renewal?

    Auto-renewal will be carried out right after the membership expired (e.g. membership card expired on 31 August 2018, auto-renewal on 1 September 2018). 
    Member could renew their membership card at any MST GOLF outlets with a renewal fees of RM20 before the auto-renewal take place. 

  16. Do I get a new card for Card Renewal?

    Yes, you will get a new membership card upon renewal with the next expiry date printed on the new card.

  17. How soon will I get my new membership card?

    The card will be delivered to your residential address recorded in our system within 2 weeks upon the renewal. Hence, it is important to keep your personal details updated at any time.

  18. Can I still use my current membership card (even is expired) for points accumulation / collection of MST Golf Credit Voucher?

    Please use the new membership card with the new expiry date.

  19. What are the other benefits and privileges as a ilovegolf card member?

    On top of points earning and voucher redemption, there are other benefits that are awaiting you:

    • Exclusive Previews
      • Additional savings during sale events & product launch
    • Exclusive Events
      • Members only golf tournament, demo days and golf clinics
    • Play Golf for Less
      • Savings on green fees at participating golf club
    • Regular e-newsletter
      • Keep abreast with the latest news and happenings in the industry
    • Extra Savings and Benefits
      • Members’ special rates and lifestyle privileges at participating merchant partners

For detailed members' benefits & privileges, please refer to Member' Benefits & Privileges page.

For further enquiries, please contact Customer Service at 603 – 5566 8769 or email us at