1. What is ilovegolf membership?

The ilovegolf is a loyalty program operated and owned by MST Golf Sdn Bhd. It is currently the most comprehensive golf loyalty program in Malaysia.


  1. How do I sign up as ilovegolf member?

You may sign up for ilovegolf membership at any MST Golf outlets or via MST Golf app with RM10 for first year.


  1. Does my ilovegolf membership have a validity date?

Yes, membership is valid for 1 year.


  1. How do I renew my membership?

Before expiry date, you can renew membership for 1 year with payment of RM10 (at MST GOLF outlets/apps) or deduction of 333 points (via MST GOLF apps only).  Unrenewed membership will be auto-renewed for 1 year with a deduction of 333 points (equivalent to RM10).


  1. What if there is less than 333 points in my ilovegolf membership account?

You may renew your membership with a fee of RM10 via MST GOLF app or at any MST GOLF outlets.


  1. Could I choose to renew my membership card with a payment of RM10 instead of deduction of 333 points?

Yes, you could renew your membership with a renewal fee of RM10 before the auto-renewal take place.


  1. What are the benefits for ilovegolf members?

You will earn reward points on purchases made at any MST GOLF outlets, MST GOLF online stores ( & and GOLF ARENA outlets. Every Ringgit spent earns you 1 reward point.

On top of points earning, there are other benefits awaiting you such as:

  • Exclusive Previews -Additional savings during sale events & product launch
  • Exclusive Events - Members only golf tournament, demo days and golf clinics
  • Play Golf for Less - Savings on green fees at participating golf club
  • Extra Savings and Benefits - Members’ special rates and lifestyle privileges at participating merchant partners


  1. What can I do with the points earned?

Active member can offset purchasing value with points at any MST GOLF outlets and GOLF ARENA outlets. You can use every 1,667 points to offset RM50 (equivalent of 3% of total points) of your purchase amount.


  1. Can I redeem my points value immediately after the purchase ?

Points for the current day purchases will only be updated and reflected in the next business day. Hence, redemption could only be carried out 1 day after the purchase.


  1. How do I check my latest points balance?

You may check the latest points balance in your MST GOLF app. If you need further assistance / enquiry on the points balance, you could call our Customer Service at 03 – 55668769 or email 


  1. Is there any expiry date on reward points earned?

There will be no expiration or forfeit of the points. However, you won’t be able to accumulate / redeem your points if your membership card is expired. Please renew your membership card to continue enjoy the privileges.


  1. Can I transfer points to another membership account?

Transfer of points to another ilovegolf membership account is not possible.


  1. Is reward points accumulation or redemption possible after my membership expires?

No, you will not be able to earn/accumulate reward points or redeem your accumulated points until the membership is renewed.


  1. Are there any privacy protection measures for my personal information submitted online?

All personal data submitted will be kept highly confidential secured. Your contact information will be used solely by MST GOLF for promotional other purpose set out in Privacy Policy.


  1. Do you store my personal information on the card?

No, the ilovegolf membership card does not store any information of the member.


  1. May I share my ilovegolf membership card with other for member benefits?

We do not encourage sharing of your ilovegolf membership card to prevent cases of misappropriate usage.


  1. What if I forgot to bring my ilovegolf card or unable to show digital ilovegolf card?

Just provide your registered mobile phone number to our cashier for Membership search to accumulate reward points. Redemption of points, however, can only be made with your digital/physical membership card present to safeguard your interest.