ILOVEGOLF - HONMA TW737 Series is in MST Golf stores!

Introducing the all new Honma TW737 Series Golf Clubs!   The new 737 may have similar aesthetics to the previous series but every club is an entirely new design from the ground up utilizing lots of new features and technology which Honma is confident will take the new Tour World 737 series to new heights.  


Out of the huge quantities of past TOUR WORLD products and prototypes, the models in which professional golfers gave high evaluations and were carefully selected for this evolution. As a result, four variations were selected with differences in profile and center of gravity.


Based on the models in which professional golfers gave especially high evaluations among the past models, the head profile and the overall body shape were enhanced. We created three models of the V Series that satisfy the professional and serious golfers and the P model (pocket cavity) is the forgiving model of the series.


The shafts were produced having variations in profile, but were similar by utilizing TORAYCA®T1100G graphite and the special rigidity adjustment method.


Retail Price:

  1. TW737 (17) 460 VZ-EX-A55 JV GP DRIVER @ RM3,990
  2. TW737 (17) VZ-EX-A55 JV GP FW WOOD @ RM2,100
  3. TW737 (17) VZ-IN-U55 JV GP UT WOOD @ RM1,700
  4. TW737-V (17)  NS950GH JV ST 5-10 IRONS SET @ RM5,690
  5. TW737-P (17)  NS950GH JV ST 5-10 IRONS SET @ RM5,690
  6. TW737-P (17)  VZ-IN-55 JV GP 5-10 IRONS SET @ RM7,490