Realization of three essential desirable performance elements = Forgiveness, Straight Ball Flight, and Distance AKRA ADR EZ, This model is for all golfers who would like to enhance the enjoyment of Golf. "Forgiveness X Straight = Further" This formula is for Akira's design pursuit. Larger sweet area for Drivers and Fairway Woods is achieved by the strategic placement of 2 weight screws on sole. Side spin on off-center hits are dramatically reduced; combined with smooth and speedy stock shaft will consistently produce more distance with solid feel. Utility and Iron in EZ series feature lower and deeper CG, enabling golfers to hit the ball higher with great forgiveness. ADR EZ comes with a putter with classic shaped heads, encouraging golfers to learn basics of putting stroke. (Men's putter is equipped with larger grip for stability) ADR EZ is finished at ideal balance (Swing Weight), so the set can be matched with other individual driver or fairway wood, enabling golfers to feel "consistent" throughout the whole bag.


Retail Price:

  1. Akira AR11 (2W+1H+5I+P+B) FL Package Set @ RM2,990
  2. Akira AR11 (2W+1H+6I+P+B) Package Set @ RM2,990

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