The slim loop and new latch provide for a supple fit, “TAO Necklace RAFFI”

Wanting to make a “more elegant device for people to wear every day”, it was named “RAFFI” after RAFFINATO, the Italian word for elegance.

A new TAO necklace type with a newly designed latch and even more comfortable fit. The resin-coated plastic thread magnets apply a 55mT magnetic field spaced 10mm apart with independent alternating north-south polarity orientation technology. With TAO technology, you can feel the effect simply by putting it on.

With a slim, 4mm diameter loop and a top that doubles as a connecting joint, this new design may be unfastened from either the left or the right. This new construction provides an independent loop and top, so you can fit it softly and gently around your neck. A simple design that can go with any style. The top is made of high-quality stainless steel to protect the delicate skin of the neck.

You can choose the one that fits you best from three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large (LL).

“Colantotte TAO Necklace RAFFI” is a medical device that provides a 55mT magnetic field using original alternating north-south polarity orientation (ANSPO™) technology with thread-like resin coating magnets at 10mm intervals.

The magnetism from the entire loop covers a wide area, improving circulation and alleviating stiffness.


Through the power of this true piece of health gear recognized as a medical device, blood flow to the applied area will improve and painful muscle stiffness will be alleviated.


Colantotte Tao Raffi Necklace @ RM690.00 per/pc